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Welcome to Studio G, Telluride Colorado’s premiere destination for high-tech skin health & wellness!

Founded in 2003 by Licensed Esthetician Ginger Medrick, our skin studio has been providing advanced skin therapy treatments and non-toxic skin care solutions to our community for over 20 years.

By implementing high-tech services and high-performance products, we’re able to provide visible and long-lasting changes for both our local and seasonal clients all year long.

We’ve seen it all in our 30-year skincare extravaganza: treatments & products that act like a fast-forward button on the aging process but leave you with extra sensitivity, redness, and a side dish of irritation.

In short, you’ll see big city results with your skin in our sweet little town!  In a world of massive options & confusing information, say buh-bye to those skin quick fixes that end up giving you a whole new set of skin problems. Sound familiar?

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Have you noticed aging skincare breaks you out & acne skincare ages you?!

At Studio G, we’ve mastered the long game when it comes to skin health. Aging gracefully? It’s our skill set. From wrinkles to pesky pimples, we’re your team for all things skincare. Say ta-ta to confusing options and temporary fixes. It’s time to reverse the clock with our age-defying expertise! 

Ginger Medrick - Owner & Director of Esthetic Services

Meet Ginger, the heart and soul behind Studio G! Her journey in the world of esthetics began in Troy, Michigan, back in 1993.

After honing her skills, she ventured to Indianapolis, Indiana, where she had the privilege of working alongside the esteemed national figure, David Miller, for seven years. Under his guidance, Ginger not only gained invaluable experience but also cultivated a depth of knowledge that has become the bedrock of her approach to skincare.

With a passion for providing critical analysis and personalized care, Ginger established Studio G in 2003. This spa is not just a business; it's a canvas for Ginger to express her unique skincare methodology, a culmination of years of hands-on practice and a commitment to ongoing education.

By choosing Ginger for your skincare needs, you become an integral part of her pursuit to excel in personalized skincare.

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Jolynn  Shults - Director of Services/Master Skin Therapist​

Introducing Jolynn, our master esthetician with over two decades of expertise. Starting her career in 2000 at Michael's School of Cosmetology, she continued her education with The Skin Institute's Master of Esthetic program, later becoming an instructor.

Hand-picked for Studio G in 2006, Jolynn's professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to high-quality skincare set her apart. Constantly updating her skills through ongoing education, she became a certified laser technician in 2020, offering you the best in skincare services and helping preserve your skin investment.

With Jolynn, experience the perfect blend of expertise and care at Studio G.

Emily Brafford​- Skin Therapist

Meet Emily, our local esthetician who's passionate about revealing your best self. After studying esthetics in California, she refined her skills at Float Luxury Spa in Santa Barbara before returning to the mountains and joining us at Studio G.

Beyond the spa, she manages a wedding makeup business, volunteers for the TAB annual fashion show, and collaborates with Vanity Fair during the Telluride Film Festival. Whether enhancing confidence or enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, Emily is committed to ensuring you feel your absolute best.

Experience the Studio G difference with Emily by your side.

Shay Serleth - Skin Therapist

Meet Shay Serleth, our Skin Therapist and the newest addition to the Studio G team. Having called Telluride home for over seven years, Shay embarked on her journey in aesthetics much like her yoga practice—rooted in a personal commitment to wellness and total body health.

In her evolution within this field, Shay has developed a deep respect for professionals dedicated to creating a healthier, more beautiful world. As an esthetician, her mission is to not only enhance the well-being of her clients but also instill in them a sense of beauty within their own skin.

Beyond the spa, Shay resides in town with her beautiful twin girls and supportive husband. Join us at Studio G and let Shay be your guide on a journey to radiant skin and holistic well-being.

Sandy Smith - Operations Manager

Meet Sandy Smith, our Operations Manager and a Telluride local of over 25 years. With a background in tourism/hospitality and experience with Clinique cosmetics and Nordstrom, Sandy brings a high level of professionalism and business management to Studio G. She's a skincare advocate who never skips sunscreen, regardless of the weather.

In addition to her role at Studio G, Sandy is a published writer and the creative mind behind our weekly email newsletter. Outside of work, you'll find her embracing the outdoors, whether it's hiking and camping in the summer or enjoying Nordic and downhill skiing in the winter. Sandy's passion for skincare and the great outdoors makes her an invaluable part of the Studio G team.